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Reborn Baby Doll| by nlovewithreborns2011

About this doll:

  • Reborned by professional reborn artist Stephanie Ortiz of nlovewithreborns2011
  • Sculpt: 'Piper' by Andrea Arcello Paradise Galleries.
  • 'Certificate of Authenticity' from the sculptor included.
  • This doll is made from soft vinyl
  • Length: 20 inches 
  • Weight: Approx. 5.5 lb
    • Weighted with fine glass beads.
  • Painting Details:
    • Painted and sealed with 'Genesis Heat Set Paints.'
    • To reach a realisitc skintone, here is a brief description of 'Piper's' painting:
      • Mottling
      • Veining
      • Creasing
      • Blushing
      • Shading
      • Multiple layers of thin rich tones of pink, yellow, purples, and blues.
    • Brown Glass Eyes
    • Painted Hair
    • Hand-Rooted Curly Mohair Poof
    • Hand Rooted Eyelashes
  • Baby wears 'newborn' size clothes.
  • Baby will come home with:
    • 1 'Just One You' Blue Floral Peter Pan Collar Romper + White Tights - 2pc Set (NEW)
    • 1 Gerber White Onesie (NEW)
    • 1 'Wonder Nation' Donuts Sleeper with Fold-Over Mittens (NEW)
    • 1 'Cat and Jack' Blue Dino Romper (NEW)
    • 1 Magnetized NUK Pacifier (NEW)
    • 1 Tan Headband (NEW)
    • 1 Pair of White Ruffle Socks (NEW)
    • 1 Pair of Brown Faux Leather Shoes (NEW)
    • Diapers (NEW)
    • Some extra goodies (NEW)
    • Soft Blanket (NEW)
  • Because the doll is magnetized for a magnetic pacifier. Please keep the doll and the pacifier away from electronics, credit cards and those who have heart pacemakers.
  • Please note that this doll is NOT A TOY! It is a collectible item.
  • Not for children under 13 years of age due to choking hazards.



All photos are taken in natural day light during the course of 1 day. Since the lighitng of the sun changes every hour, the doll's coloring in the photos varies. The photos are unedited. 



  • We ship anywhere in the USA, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 
  • We also ship to the UK, Australia, Norway, Canada, Spain, and Japan
  • We do not ship to Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, France, and Latin America.

If your country was not mentioned and you want to know if we ship to you, please feel free to send us an e-mail to before purchasing. Thank you.


Thank you so much for viewing this listing.

Thank you for your love and support.




**All sales are final. **

Piper Reborn Doll

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