'Golden LOVE'| Handmade| Heart-Shaped Trinket Box

'Golden Love'| Handmade| Heart-Shaped Trinket Box


About this heart-shaped box:

  • Created by akinadollfie
  • Donated by akinadollfie
  • Material: Resin
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Lenght: 3 inches
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Box Description:
    • The lid is made out of resin. There are two layers of resin on this lid. There is a clear resin layer (which is the BOTTOM part of the lid). This bottom layer makes sure that the box remains closed. The TOP layer is made out of yellow resin - however, there is a huge holographic heart embedded in it. It makes the lid very reflective.
    • The heart-shaped box: the heart-shaped box is made out of clear and golden-yellow resin. The golden-yellow resin begins at the top of the box, and it falls downwards - on the sides of the box. There are sparkles embedded in this yellow-orange layer. The color then fades nicely into the clear resin. At the bottom of the box (inside) there are 9 wooden hearts that say the word "love." There are also sparkles embedded with the hearts. 
    • Please see all photos. 


All proceeds will go towards funding our wrongful lawsuit with Bountiful Baby. They sued us for publicly stating that their doll business is an alleged Kingston owned business. The Kingstons are a polygamous and organized crime group based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. You can look up the information yourself. Everything I stated is public knowledge. Anyway, we learned about this alleged association by watching the Lifetime television series "Escaping Polygamy." Sharing this very public information with our fellow doll artists and doll collectors (via social media) landed us in this WRONGFUL LAWSUIT. They want to silence us and not let everyone know the truth!


We are doing all we can to raise money for legal expenses.

We will not be sued or silenced for doing absolutely nothing wrong.


Nevin, owner of the doll company, is allegedly numbered man #79. This number makes him imperative in the cult. Not just any one gets a number in the Kingston Clan.


If you would like to learn more about this, I invite you to vist my home page and read our story.


Thank you very much for your love and support ❤️



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