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FANS DAY with nlovewithreborns2011!

Hello, my gorgeous fans!


Oh, how I adore you! Thank you so much for being here with me andfor mein these last 9 years that I have been on social media. Thank you for loving what I do. Thank you for loving all of the reborns that I have collected over the last 9 years. And, thank you for admiring the reborns I have created. And, if you currently have a baby that was created by my hands and my soul, I thank you indefinitely. 


Event Location: Fresno, California

When: Saturday, July 18th, 2020


Well, this is what I have planned for this day...                             


YOU! This day is all about YOU and ME interacting! But, if you also want something to do, this is what I have planned....


For this day, we are still going to have a few of the stationswe had out for the Baby Shower Day (please see them below). However, there will mostly be areas (little nursery set-ups) where you can display your babies, and take pictures & video for yourself and/or social media accounts. If you want MEto be part of this activity with YOU, just go ahead and call me over. We will make the best picture and/or video EVER!! 


Along with this, there will also be a designated area(with a cute background) where you and Ican stand and take pictures! To make it even more fun, I will have fun props available! 


Below is the list of the table stations (Again, only a couple of these will be out on this day):

Decorate your Own Bib

There will be white, blank bibs available for you to decorate with jewels, ribbon, iron-ons, lace, etc.

Create your Own Pacifier Clip

We will have clips (various colors) and all sorts of beads for you to create your very own and unique pacifier clip

Make a Baby Headband

For this station, there will be different sorts of headbands that you can decorate with jewels, flowers, bows, etc.

Decorate a Baby Onesie

There will be white, branded onesies for you to decorate with jewels, iron-ons, ribbon, bows, and more!

Make your Baby a Tutu!

There will be a waste-band and all sorts of tull colors for you to select from in order to create the tutu of your dreams





Guessing Game

Somewhere around the room, I will have a jar (not the same jar as the Baby Shower event) that will be filled with baby-related items. Your part is to guess how many items are in the jar. There will be a sheet next to this jar where you will put your name (or username) and your estimated guess. The winner will receive a super-duper, incredible, fun prize! *wink*wink*wink*


Game #2 TBD



**One of the prizes for these games is a fully-reborned vinyl doll!!!**




I have confirmed with the hotel, and they are okay with me bringing outside food to feed you guys. I have decided on In-N-Out. I think this will be aspecial treat for those that are not from California and have heard about how delicious this place is! Please note that lunch is included with your ticket.



Please read below for hotel details...


How Many Reborn Dolls Can I Have in the Event Room?

Due to the spacing in the conference room, I am asking that you resort to brining up to 2 reborns. If next year I can get a bigger classroom, the number will most definitely go up!


But of course, outside of the conference room, you are allowed to have as many dolls as you'd like.


Class and Hotel Location

The details of hotel location and how to reserve your room (using the booking link), will be sent to the buyer within 24 hours of making the reservation. 


If you are wondering which airport is best to fly into, Fresno Yosemite International Airportis the closest. It is about 15 minutes away from the hotel we will be at. If you click here,you will be directed to the airport's website. It is a small airport and it is not typically busy, in my experience. 


Ticket Purchase Available Online Only

Due to the nature of the event, tickets are only available online. They will not be available to purchase at the door. We apologize for any inconvinence. 


If you have trouble paying for your ticket online, please feel free to message me at:


Thank you.