Doll People United (Digital Photo)

You will receive an email containing the link to download the image. All funds from the sale of these digital art peices will go towards our lawsuit. 



I’m being sued by the owners of Bountiful Baby for sharing what I learned and shared about the Kingstons. They accuse me of “defamation,” or spreading lies. But we have never accused the owners of Bountiful Baby, Nevin and Denise Pratt, of abusing teenage girls or defrauding the government. That’s not our point! People who have escaped the Kingston polygamous group say that Bountiful Baby is owned by Kingston members. And, that’s enough for us not to support Bountiful Baby!


We have to stand up for what is right. 


I am reaching out for help to raise money to defend myself. I’ve been told a lawsuit like this could be hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend. It feels like they want to break those who speak the truth and drain your money and make you eventually cave in to what they want. 


Well, this will not happen here. 


I will not ruin my REPUTATION over someone else's skeletons in their closet. 

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this. 
And, thank you A MILLION for your donations.

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