'Butterfly Kisses'| Purple Hue Yoda| by tea.artistry


About this doll:

  • This doll was created by using the oringal Mattel Yoda doll parts of the 2019 Yoda doll.
  • The Yoda doll parts are made out of vinyl, and are each uniquely painted by the artist. 
  • The customized doll has the original plush cloth body it was purchased with
  • The original jacket is also included
  • The Yoda doll has customized eyes
  • Ooo! Check out all of the tiny details the artist did on this doll!
    • veining
    • shading
  • The painting has been sealed in order to protect its longevity 
  • Please note that this doll is NOT a TOY!


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'Butterfly Kisses'| Purple Hue Yoda| by tea.artistry



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