Baisc Reborn Baby Doll| by nlovewithreborns2011


About this doll:

  • Created by Stephanie of nlovewithreborns2011
  • Sculpt: Petra Linde Scherer
  • The doll parts are made out of vinyl and are each uniquely painted by the artist. 
  • Vinyl parts include: Head and limbs
  • The doll has 3/4 arms and full legs
  • The doll has a cloth body
  • The doll is about 18".
  • The doll wears preemie size clothing
  • This baby doll has been painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints.
  • This baby weighs around 3 pounds
  • This baby is not magnetized for a magnetic pacifier.
  • Please note that this doll is NOT A TOY! This is artwork and should be treated as so. 
  • The doll will come home in the outfit seen in the photos.


What is a basic reborn doll?

A basic reborn doll is not treated any different from a regular reborn doll. The doll is painted with the same love and same care as all of my other dolls. The only difference with a basic reborn doll is the amount of work and time that is dedicated to the doll. 


The doll still has the same art as my regular reborn dolls (i.e., blushing, veining, creasing, glossing, mottling, etc.,). Those features, however, are not as intricate as with my regular reborn dolls. The painted hair is also applied in its most simplistic nature.




We hope you enjoy the photos of this beautiful doll. They have been taken in natural daylight. 


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Basic Reborn Baby Doll | by nlovewithreborns2011