Federal & State Lawsuit Against Bountiful Baby

UPDATE: Just a reminder, we are in TWO wrongful lawsuits. Bountiful Baby. This company has sued me two times now for sharing their alleged connections to the Kingston Polygamist Cult. To my best of knowledge this company has alleged ties to the KINGSTON POLYGAMOUS CULT, meaning they are part of this group.

I have been told by several member who have left this cult that Bountiful Baby is part of the cult. I have also done research to see the alleged connection as well. This CULT marries teen girls. The men marry their female blood relatives, they want to keep their bloodline pure. So sick, in my opinion. 


Nevin and Denise claim they are not part of this CULT but they have alleged ties to it. Nevin is #79 within the cult, he is order man #79 under Paul Kingston's church in UT. Denise's younger sister is Linda Kunz, the teenage who married Tom Green (not the actor) this one is a pedo who marries children.


Escaping Polygamy also features Bountiful Baby in the show and the show shares Bountiful Baby as a KINGSTON owned business. Why isn't Bountiful Baby suing A&E the ones who created the show - showing Bountiful Baby in it, their van, a box with "Bountiful Baby" on it?  Rolling Stones also wrote about the lifelike doll company being owned by the Kingston's. Why is Nevin and Denise Pratt not suing Rolling Stones? 

I will tell you why the Pratt's are not suing A&E for the show Escaping Polygamy and Rolling Stones for writing that article. It is because these two companies are bigger than the Kingston's. The Kingston's will be squashed by their attorneys. There is not case for the Pratt's or the Kingston's when it comes to A&E and The Rolling Stones as those companies are telling the truth about the Kingston Cult. So they came after me, since I am just a person with small business. The Pratt's are legally bullying me in hopes I shut up or give up. So they are trying to take this to court. Even after the judge granted the motion to dismiss the defamation the Pratt's are claiming against us. Since it didn't go their way the Pratt's are having a toddler fit and are trying to go to trial. As if a trial will change the truth. LMAO


Here is Nevin speaking at the cults church.

How I found out about Bountiful Baby

Nevins & Denise's alleged association to the CULT? 

Nevin & Denise ties to Kingston cult.

Denise's 13yo sister marries known pedo Tom Green.

Denise used to teach this grooming class called Rosebuds

Learning ABC in the Order 

Rolling Stones article: The Order

Blood Cult in UT article


Education is key and you can find lots of information showing the alleged connections the Pratt's have to this cult. This cult is involved in incest, child labor, fraud and more. This cult is real and is out there, there is lots of news articles about them. Knowledge is power never be afraid of educating yourself. Once you are educated you are able to make clear decisions about your life and your choices. 

 If you don't like being associated to this heinous group why not leave? It is in my opinion the Pratt's enjoy having their name associated to the Kingston Polygamist's cult where they rape children, have child brides, incest, child labor and the list goes on. If it was me I would clear my name up for good, but for some reason the Pratt's still protect that group and claim to not be part of it. However Nevin is number #79 in there group and I have court paperwork confirming you are #79 within the Kingston Polygamist's Cult, you submitted the court paperwork on your own. But you're still not part of the cult, hmm okay. Also Nevin and Denise, why have you not sued the show Escaping Polygamy by A&E and Rolling Stones? Many of my fans want to know why you are not suing them since you say you are not part of the group. Again make it make since, Nevin. 






I have been a YouTube video creator since 2011. Since then, I have uploaded (to my channel) content that embraces my enjoyment for reborn dolls. Reborn dolls are a collectible heirloom piece (all hand painted) that are meant to look like lifelike babies. Not only do I collect these dolls, but I also make them myself. So, my videos on YouTube revolve around this world of reborn dolls. 

In the last 8 years of uploading this kind of content and having an audience that connects with it, I have built a strong foundation over time (with 370,000 subscribers on YouTube and 40,000 followers on Instagram). 

It has been a beautiful decade for me. I have met so many kind and wonderful people...and, it is all been due to the dolls! I have also connected with some of them so strongly - to the point where they feel like family. My social media accounts have been a blessing in so many ways. did this lawsuit come about? (Update it has now been moved to Federal court where we are countersuing. We are not in a second case that was filed at State by Bountiful Baby, Nevin Pratt and Denise Pratt)

In early September 2019, I received messages from a couple of individuals that led me to hours upon hours of research. The research entailed an alleged connection between Bountiful Baby (a doll company I did most of my doll inventory shopping with) and the Kingston Bigamist Cult - also known as the Order

I read articles online, watched videos on YouTube, and I also watched 'Escaping Polygamy' and 'Whistleblower ' (television programs that discuss the Kingston Group).  

It was the Escaping Polygamy show that convinced me of the allegations that were presented to me. 

After learning all of this (and more), I knew that I could no longer support Bountiful Baby

Here are some of the things I have learned about the Kingston Group (also known as the Order) that Bountiful Baby is allegedly connected to:

· The “Kingston Group” or the “Order” is described as a secretive polygamous group

· Prominent members of the Order have gone to jail for abusing teenage girls 

· Members who escaped have reported teenage girls being forced to marry older family members

· Four Kingstons pled guilty to a $500 million tax-fraud scheme 

· Casino troubles in CA

“Escaping Polygamy” shows an image of Bountiful Baby while describing Kingston-owned companies  

According to people who have escaped the Kingston Group, “Bountiful Baby is owned by the Order.”  

I decided that I needed to share this news with my fellow reborn collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. I felt like it was my responsibility to make people aware of where their money might be going to and what it might be funding.

Why did I feel like it was my responsibility to shed light on this?
Because, I would have felt completely terrible if someone else found out about it later on - and, knew that I knew all along and never shared the information with anyone! I would feel dishonest and like I robbed my fellow reborn friends the chance to make that decision for themselves. I’m being sued by the owners of Bountiful Baby for sharing what I learned and their alleged connection to the Kingston Group/ the Order. They accuse me of “defamation,” or spreading lies. 

And, we have never accused the owners of Bountiful Baby, Nevin and Denise Pratt, of abusing teenage girls or defrauding the government. That’s not our point! 

People who have escaped the Kingston polygamous group say that Bountiful Baby is owned by the Kingstons. So, that’s also enough for us to not support Bountiful Baby. We don’t want to risk supporting a company that allegedly supports the Kingston Clan.

We are now defending ourselves, after paying the attorney $10,000, we decided it was in our best interest to fire him and defend ourselves. As he cared more about the planiffs than us.  We are now defending the content I have shared with you, and the fact that I did not defame Bountiful Baby (or Nevin Pratt and Denise Pratt).

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this. I am beyond thankful for you ~ especially in this time of need. 


Anyone is able to email me for all the court documents, State and Federal nice now we are being sued by Bountiful Baby not once but twice.  Documents that are available for the public to see. 


Stay tune for updates on both the cases. :) 


12/3/2020 - still in two active lawsuits, where BB is suing us.

Thank you. 

With my most sincere words, 
Stephanie Ortiz